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Technical Services

The services we offer are rooted in the concept that architectural work shouldn’t just be created, but it should be crafted to achieve durability, practicality, uniqueness and above all, excellence.

We apply logic to space, land and technology to put up beautiful but useful struc­tures.

We do not only put space in perspective, but we also consider sites and places as well the landscape, before we apply our skills and minds to each piece of work.

Against this back ground, we offer the following specific services;


This runs from design preparation to operation and functional analysis, establishment of programs and architectural design. Preliminary and final designs are provided to the client before construction commences. With our expertise, we also offer site supervision of public and private buildings and industrial estates as well as evaluation of projects to our clients.

Structural Engineering

Systems analyses and structural engineering consultation work, structural analyses and detailed design drawing with EDP optimization for civil engineering and superstructures are some of the activities covered under this function. This service is specific to roads and railway bridges, earthworks and foundation engineering. Through our assessments, we advise our clients on the viability of a proposed project to make sure that foundations or mapped road-routes are strong enough to sustain those projects.

Electrical and mechanical Installation

Our electronics and mechanics expertise spans almost all areas under electrical and mechanical installations. We cover high voltage, switch gear installations, transmission, power generation, conservation, heavy current transmission and lighting installations.

Emergency power supply, external and street lighting, weak current; telephones, timers, acoustic security systems, paging systems, central control and monitoring systems, data transmission are also our areas of specialty.

Building installations, mechanical engineering

When one thinks building installation, they ought to think Arch Design. From air condi­tioning and ventilation to sanitary wear and sewage disposal systems, we install practical systems that make buildings usable, environ­mentally friendly and convenient.

For commercial structures such as factories, we extend our realm from sanitation to structures that make work easier such as conveyor belts, remote central heating and other technical installations for industrial complexes.

Energy conservation installations

Planning, re-design rehabilitation; economic energy conservation and environmental energy utilization, maintenance plans, supply and tariff analyses for heating gas, water and electricity.

Landscape design

We engage in preliminary and final site devel­opment plans with integrated landscape treat­ment for towns, regions and specific spaces. We give particular attention to the design of environment areas and traffic structures. Feasi­bility studies, location concepts and utilization analyses are carried to ensure that every proj­ect is executed to its optimal practicality and uniqueness.

Civil engineering and outdoor installations

Our civil works and outdoor department covers traffic planning and technology, airport planning and design, road and motorway construction, water supply and treatment as well as sewage disposal systems. We bring to life infrastructure for industrial complexes to meet our clients’ needs.

Petroleum installations

We tailor our services to suit the ever-expanding petroleum industry, and this sector we cover design and planning of Bulk Fuel Terminals; Tanks & Depots, Fuel Distributions Systems, Load­ing/Unloading Rumps, Fire Protection Systems, LPG Storage Spaces and Distribution Systems and Airport/Aviation Fuel Systems.

Geology, soil mechanics

We carry out foundation soil analyses, engi­neering geology, hydrogeology, deposit ex­ploration, material control, and investigation of abandoned waste deposits before project commencement so that no single project is undertaken in vain.

Environmental protection

Arch Design believes that our surroundings form a great part of what our world will be in generations to come. We therefore dedicate a good part of our skill to the rehabilitation of abandoned landfills and deposits so that those areas can be re-utilized. Environmental impact assessments help us and our clients to be cer­tain of practicality in rehabilitating waste treat­ment plants, installations for waste recycling and disposal (dump grounds, decomposition, incineration, sorting and sludge disposal).

Agricultural construction

We are aware that specialized storage and marketing facilities require attention and spe­cific skills.

We therefore design and construct agricul­tural research, storage and processing plants, wholesale markets, agricultural irrigation and drainage systems and other infrastructure with particular commitment and skill.

Urban and Rural Township Services

We make Master and Integrated Development plans for roads and storm water drainage, intersections, sanitation, purification, and solid waste disposal. We also carry out maintenance and rehabilitation of township services and infrastructure; GIS based management and support systems including infrastructure man­agement, cadastral management and system audits. Consultancy on loss control through institutional and social development, training and capacity building is provided.

Water Resources Planning

Situation assessments and catchment studies; Feasibility studies for water resource develop­ments; Management and co-ordination of multidisciplinary planning studies.

Water Infrastructure Planning, Design and Construction

We are also apply expert skills to the design and construction supervision of urban and rural water and sanitation services, bulk convey­ance systems including canals and large bore pipelines, valley dams, pump stations, purifica­tion plants and reservoirs.

Natural Resources Management and Planning

Arch Design’s wide range of professionals includes those skilled in carrying out environ­mental scoping, environmental management plans, environmental mapping and forestry planning.